Contribution of India to the world

Contribution of India to the world

Contribution of India to the world

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Hello !  Dear readers, viewers and internet fan all over the world ! Warm welcome to this post. Here, I am sharing my thoughts regarding ‘India’ & its contributions. Hope, you all will enjoy it reading.

India is a country situated in Asia continent, attracted many European & other visitors from time immemorial.

However, if you search on Internet (Google) regarding contribution of India or Indians to the world, then you will find a number of sites or blogs opened up. Maximum of them are in the own way of their speciality as thought and prepared by the author. To me, not a single one looked very attractive & to-the-point. All looked to me messed up and full of unnecessary (people not interested in or not very notable) contents. Actually, those are written by Indian authors who densely love India & its culture.

However, I have prepared this post in another special style. The speciality of my this post is that I have included only those features about contributionof India which will definitely make remember people all over the world about India or Indians at least for a moment.

Vasco-da-Gama arrived India long ago from far Europe. Christopher Columbus reached another  place named by him as West Indies, which he thought as may be western India. Hue-en-Sang from China visited India during historical period. Likewise, many examples can be cited.

India and Indian culture are hated by many as well as loved by many also. Albert Einstein, the latest great scientist, was very much fond of India and Indian knowledge. Germany (e.g. Max Muller, etc ) is very much interested in India and Indology (Indian sciences). German people consider themselves from Aryan race. In Germany, Indian knowledge and sciences are being taught in many educational centres. John Woodroffe, the British orientalist ( प्राच्य विद्या विशारद ), actively popularised Indian Hindu knowledge in western world.

Likewise, maximum general Western, European, American mass hate India and Indian culture. In their eyes, India is a dirty old-fashioned country. India is dominated by a religion called Hinduism which is baseless, old and laughed at. Indian society has many old uncivilised social systems, etc.

Also, India is the only peace-loving country in the entire globe. India had never attacked any country in the entire history, but herself had been attacked and ruled by many nations. 2nd October, the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, the great Indian leader and messenger for non-violence and peace, is being celebrated all over the world as ‘International non-violence day’, with the effort of UN.

It is very much true that present India is a dirty and corrupt country. If compared with the modern developed civilised Western world, India looks far behind and neglected.

But, ancient India had a glorious period also, which can’t be denied. Both ancient and modern India have much contributions towards the world (like Buddhism, ISKCON, Yoga, Ayurveda, Indentured labourers, Silicon valley, non-violence, etc).

In modern times, great Indian personalities like, Swami Vivekananda (who spoke at the World Conference of Religions in 1893 at Chicago, USA), AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (founder of ISKCON), Baba Ramdev (Yoga expert), Rajeev Dixit (scholar on Indology), etc have tried and are trying to revive the past glory of India and to present before the entire world the Indian knowledge & cultures (specially based on Hinduism).

The following things will definitely bring an image of India in your mind, at least at the beginning :

ISKCON. The name s known to almost all. It is a religious organisation spread all over the world. It is spreading Indian culture among the masses all over the world. It first appeared and founded in USA. At certain time, people in USA were very much depressed & frustrated owing to over-enjoyment and luxury. At that moment ISKCON appeared in front of them as a survivor. People got ‘mental peace’ after chanting “Hare Krishna”, reading Geeta, reading the teachings of Lord Krishna, etc. Many joined ISKCON and started loving Indian culture. In due course of time, ISKCON stepped all over the world.

2nd October, international non-violence day as declared by UNO. Actually, it is the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, a great Indian leader who preached non-violence & peace vehemently. He always hated war, violence, rough life, etc.

Silicon Valley. It is an IT hub situated in USA. Here, maximum workers & staffs are from India as a result of ‘brain drain’.

Spices. India is well-known for production & exportation of varieties of spices all over the world, not only now, but from ancient times. Indian cuisine is full of spicy foods. Also, these spices have good health impact.

Cow. Indian cow have some speciality, not available in the cows of other countries all over the world. They have big magnificent horns on their head. Indian cows are comparatively very healthy and productive. Cow is also a very important animal and worshipped by the Hindu sect of India. Beef of only Indian cow are exported and eaten by the Western world. So, when anybody will see beef in a store of USA or any Western country, he will think of India. Because, beef of foreign cows (called Jersey cows) are not tasty and even poisonous, so, not preferred.

PIO. People of Indian origin.When India was under colonial rule of British, many poor Indian villagers were sent to different places (like Mauritius, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Fiji, etc) all over world as ‘indentured labourers’, for working in the sugarcane plantations there. After, the expiry of the indentureship period, they stayed back there and became part of that country. Even in some countries (like Mauritius, Fiji, etc) they are now majority and rulers.

Buddhist countries. Japan, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Tibet, etc are countries dominated by Buddhism. Buddhism originated in Indian subcontinent, but spread later on into those countries. But, the fact is that Buddhism is not a dominating religion now in India. Who doesn’t know about Dalai Lama, the international leader of the Buddhists and also a Nobel laureate for peace ? He has been exiled by the Govt of his country Tibet and he lives in India now.

Yoga. It is a health & spiritual science original of the Hindu sect of India. Very recently, UN has declared 21 June as international Yoga day. Yoga keeps diseases away, keeps the body fit and healthy, helps in overall development of mind and character, helps in spiritual upliftment. Benevolent effect of Yoga have been recognised all over the world.

Ayurveda. It is the ancient medical science of India, based mainly on plants and herbs. It is harmless and has no side-effects like the modern Western Allopathy science. But, the fact is that it is not so much effective in fighting modern critical diseases, one must have to take recourse of Allopathy.


So, Dear readers, viewers and internet fan all over the world! How have you enjoyed India in my this post ?  Do comment to me. Share among your friends through Facebook & other social media.


Thanks a lot for reading patiently !

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