Early rising : The key to happiness.

Early rising : The key to happiness.

Early rising : The key to happiness.

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Early rising : The key to happiness.

Hello my dear readers, viewers, students ! Warm welcome to my this post. Here, I am sharing my thoughts regarding ‘early rising’. Hope, you all will enjoy it reading.

The famous proverb goes : “Early to eat, early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.We all have heard this saying many a times since childhood.

The great ancient Greek philosopher also said : “It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom ( If translated in Hindi, the national language of India, सूर्योदय  होने  से  पहले  उठना  अच्छा  होता  है, ऐसी  आदत  आपको  स्वस्थ , समृद्ध  और  बुद्धिमान  बनती  है )


Someone else said : “To become great, you need to do great things – one of which is waking up early in the morning (If translated in Hindi, the national language of India, महान बनने के लिए आपको महान चीजें करनी होती हैं – उनमे से एक है सुबह जल्दी उठना।)

So, dear all, have you noticed how ‘early rising’ been praised ? Really, the benefits of early rising in the morning are a lot. It always adds something in our life and takes away nothing. That is to say that early rising has benefits and benefits only, no loss or negative effects.

Now, let us see one by one, how you will be benefitted by the extraordinary habit of rising early in the morning.

  1. Morning freshness, free gift of nature : The early morning is always fresh. The sun starts rising, a new day begins, darkness of night disappears. So, a new start ! The cool and pleasant weather in the morning adds to our vitality. This ‘weather vitamin’ will be missed by you if you can’t rise up and accept. This fresh weather is ‘free gift of nature’ in the morning, which should not be missed by you. If you go on sleeping in the early morning and don’t accept this ‘free gift of nature’, then you are a great fool !
  2. No noise, no pollution, no disturbance : In the early morning, the busy lifestyle of modern civilisation is absent. The busy lives, the machines, the works, the chaos, the sounds, etc. take a considerable time to start and gear up. So, you get a ‘golden chance’ to take benefit of absence of these things. At this early morning, you can do some of your personal works which requires absence of the busy lives, the machines, the works, the chaos, the sounds, etc.
  3. Free, alone, no one to disturb you : In the early morning, most of the other general people are asleep. So, you are free, alone, nobody to call you, nobody to disturb you. So, you can utilise this ‘golden opportunity’ for your own purpose. This ‘valuable time’ won’t be available anymore in the next 24 hours.
  4. Morning fresh weather helps clear you bowels : The pleasant cool weather of the early morning will help you to clear your bowels or evacuation or in common Indian language ‘Potty’. Those who can’t rise up early in the morning, suffer from constipation. It is troublesome for late risers to have an forceful urge to visit the toilet. If we rise early in the morning, we get automatically conneted to ‘nature freshness’, and it helps to develop pressure or urge for bowel movement.
  5. Golden opportunity for spirituality or religious activities : Those who are oriented to spirituality, religious acitivites, in Indian common language Dharm-karm, Puja-path, etc., should rise definitely early in the morning. In modern busy lifestyle, in whatever profession or field you are, you hardly get opportunity to engage yourself attentively in spirituality & religious acitivites. So, complete this part of your daily life early in the morning with full attention and devotion and become mentally relaxed for the rest of the day.
  6. Golden opportunity for personal works : Be in job/service or business, or in whatever field you may be, everybody has his own private personal life & activities. In busy lifestyle of day time or even in night after that, one hardly gets any relaxed gap or opportunity for his own private personal life & activities. You can’t pay attention, anytime your Boss may call you & give you some assignment, or some valuable customers may come, etc. These will disturb your own private personal life & activities, if you get engaged in daytime. So, early morning is the best solution for this. Finish up all your own private personal life & activities early in the morning in free and relaxed mood, and become relaxed for the rest of the day.
  7. High energy level, more productivity : In the early morning, you will remain more relaxed and healthy, in comparison to rest of the day. This will help you become more energetic and productive. New new ideas and solutions will automatically appear in your mind.
  8. No tension, no rat-race, no forgetfulness : Those who rise late in the morning, are always of irritative mood. Because, they can not complete their ‘morning chores’ in a relaxed way due to lateness. They are always in hurry. There is chance of forgetting many things due to hurriness.
  9. A golden chance to review yesterday & preplan tomorrow : In the early morning, you are not in hurry, you are in a relaxed mood. So, you can well review your yesterday’s life and activities in a cool and calm mind. Similarly, you can preplan your next days life and activities in a relaxed mind.
  10. Facebook, Whatsapp review : Nowadays, people can’t think of lifestyle without these modern gifts of science. During busy lifestyle in other part of the day and even at night, you can not freely comment on Facebook, reply in Whatsapp, etc. So, early morning is the best time to do these activities in a relaxed mood.
  11. Early and sound sleep at night : If you rise up early in the morning, you will feel sleepy early at night and will have a sound sleep. This will in turn, boost up your health and energy level. There will not be problem of ‘insomnia’. This desease ‘insomnia’ is decaying vitality and health of many nowadays.
  12. A must for Students(School-goers) & Office-goers : Generally, all schools and offices start early in the morning, 8 am – 9 am being the standard time in India. So, rising early in the morning is a must for school going students and office-goers. They can do all the activities in a relaxed mood, if they rise up early in the morning. They can prepare well for going to school and office. There is little chance of missing anything or forgetting anything if they are early-risers.
  13. Enjoy the beauty of early morning : Early morning is the start of a new day, a new life, a new birth, a new gift from God. So, enjoy this ! Enjoy the first peeping sunshine, the chirping of the birds, playing of sunshine amidst trees, newspaper vendors, milkmen, morning prayer or music/bell from distant temples/churches, etc.
  14. 24×7 environment, Call center : For those, who work in 24×7 exposure or Call Center, etc, this habit of early rising will remain a far-off dream. However, regarding them, I can only advice that, they should adjust accordingly and apply their own common sense for taking benefit of this habit as far as they can by sacrificing their peculiar profession.


So,  my dear readers, viewers, students !How is the above article ? Please, comment. If you have liked it, then please share it with your friends & relatives !


Thanks a lot for reading patiently !


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