Examination fear. How to overcome ?

Examination fear. How to overcome ?

Examination fear. How to overcome ?

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Examination is ensuing ! Oh, can’t sleep at night ! What will happen ? Will I be able to score good marks ? Otherwise, I would be harassed by parents ! These are the common thoughts generally crop up in mind at the time of examination. Isn’t it ?

In medical science, any mental state causing fear to something has been given a name ending with suffix ‘phobia’. So, fear of examination may be called ‘examphobia’.

But, my dear students, don’t worry. I am giving you the following 11 tips to overcome this difficulty.

  1. Take examination as a challenge. You play various games like soccer, tennis, badminton, etc, either at school or at home. You accept the game playfully as a challenge & competition with your counterpart and enjoy the games. Have you ever become afraid of Games & Sports ? No, never. Why ? Because your mind has accepted those games as a challenge or competition to win over. So, this type of mentality or mental acceptation has given you energy & enthusiasm instead of fear. Apply the same principle in case of written examination or any other examination also, then you will notice your fear is vanishing, and instead you are feeling energetic and enthusiastic for winning the examination.
  2. Human life is full of examinations. God has sent you in this world among many examinations to pass. Right after taking birth, you have already passed many examinations and challenges, you have already crossed many difficulties and obstacles, remember those in your past years. After passing those barriers or examinations, you have reached now at this age of 13, 14, 15, 16, or whatever it is. So, examinations is a natural part and parcel of your life journey, nothing to worry so much about it. As taking food, visiting toilet, taking bath, cutting hair, shaving beard, bearing pain of disease, etc are essential part of your life and you can’t avoid these, same is the truth for school examination also. Develop this type of mentality, and you will see that your ‘examphobia’ is diminishing.
  3. Acquaint yourself with the syllabus & study with a plan. At the very beginning, gather thorough knowledge of your syllabus, what are the subjects or study material that you have to face in the exam. This is very vital. Unless, you pile up at one place your total study materials for the particular exam, then you can never succeed in the examn. You can’t concentrate on the study if the study materials are scattered. So, be acquainted with your syllabus or volume of study materials and focus on this only.
  4. Just before exam, focus more on studying and reduce other activities. This will give you more energy and time to focus on one work i.e studying and passing the examn. For the time being, stop or reduce other activities like, playing games, going to gym, practicing music and song, other co-curricular activities, etc. In this way, you can be more focussed on one particular work i.e. studying and your probability of passing the examn with good score will be enhanced.
  5. Take care of health. This is very very important. Unless your health is fit and OK, you can’t pay effort to study and your chances of passing the examn will diminish. If you are very frequently disturbed by diseases, you can’t concentrate your mind on the work of studying. So, always be cautious so that you don’t fall ill and your study is not disturbed. Take hygienic food, care about cleanliness, visit toilet regularly, take healthy protective measures against hot and cold in summer and winter respectively as apply, and like this follow simple health maintaining tips.
  6. Don’t study late at night. Studying and acquiring knowledge is not directly proportional to time. It is not a simple mathematics. In human life activities, mathematics can’t be applied every time every where. If a dull or unintelligent student studies for lengthy hours, will he acquire more knowledge and pass examn easily ? No, never. It is not so practically. A brilliant or intelligent student can gather more knowledge by a few hours of studying than lengthy hour’s study by a dull student. Though, time is an important factor or part of any activity or effort, but not the only one. So, due to fear, there are many students who study upto late night to complete the syllabus. It is not a good practice. It will deteriorate your health and will definitely have adverse effect on your study as well as passing the exam. Manage your time reasonably with plan to avoid late night study.
  7. Develop a business attitude. Adopt a business like mentality. In business, people invest money to gain profit, not loss. For profiting and stopping loss, he engages his entire effort on the business whole-heartedly. He remains enthusiastic and never allows any mental weakness. Similar should be your attitude towards passing school examination also. It should be thought of as a ‘life business’.
  8. Read as well as write, both are to be practiced. Only reading will not help you to commit to memory. Sometimes, go on writing down the important topics. It will help memorising.
  9. Education is a basic need. In modern civilisation, education, at least a degree, has become a must. Will you want to be ridiculed in future as ‘illiterate’ ? Perhaps not. So, develop mentality that you have to live in society as branded or sealed as ‘educated’, and so, you have to pass the examn anyhow. This type of thinking will give you mental strength and courage.
  10. Education & passing examn is not lifelong. This boring task of studying and passing a number of examinations is not lifelong. It is only for a certain period of life. After completing the course of school or college study, you are free and can enjoy your life. As after the traffic jam, the road is clear, so also with the study and examn. This type of thought will give you enthusiasm and remove fear.
  11. And last but not the least, develop strong mental confidence and strength. You have to be mentally strong enough and confident. You have to pass the examination anyhow; it is your life career. You must have to win. If you fail, it would be a big loss for you.


So,  my dear readers, viewers, students ! How is the above article ? Please, comment. If you have liked it, then please share it with your friends & relatives !


You can read a version of this article in Hindi (the national language of India) also by clicking here.


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