Inspirational or motivational stories : Why important ?

Inspirational or motivational stories : Why important ?

Inspirational or motivational stories : Why important ?

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Inspirational or motivational stories : Why important ?

Stories have much importance in our life. And when the stories carry some moral, carry some learning, they become far more valuable. Moral stories and inspirational stories leave deep impression in our mind, effect our mind specially. A small story have power to bring a revolutionary change in our life. Stories can entirely change our thought process. Stories contribute much towards the personal development of a person. These stories act as ‘mirror of life’.

The Bible, the holy scripture of the Christians, is full of small small stories. Lord Jesus Christ used to teach people, convince disciples, through short stories called ‘Parables’. Sometimes, when a simple thing can’t be understood in direct way, a story can convince it in a nice way.

In India, there is a famous book called ‘Panchatantra’, full of moral stories.

You should have the habit of reading stories with value. The stories should have some inspiration inside, some motivation, learning, teaching, or some solution to problem in them.

Nowadays, people all over the world are running a busy life, a rat race. It has become modern trend. Modern civilisation is like this. We have to live like this. No one can change this ‘rat race’  civilisation. People have no time to read lengthy boring stories.

So, the stories should be short in size. Then only you will find interest in reading stories and people will read them enthusiastically. People won’t find any interest in reading stories which are lengthy, boring, have nothing to learn, have bogus talks, etc.

These stories act as nutrition, oxygen, vitamin for life. We take food for getting nutrition, vitamin, etc essential for sustenance of our good health and life. Similar should be attitude towards reading stories.

In India, ancient old Hindu people read religious scriptures like Ramayan, Mahabharat, Bhagavat, etc, which are nothing but inspirational stories. They get something good or virtue by reading these, even in old age also, that is why they read. So, see the importance of stories in human life. Reading stories is considered a part of religion.

Christian people all over the world, read Bible, at the Church or at home, which is full of stories, morals and sermons, and get nutrition for their life.

In my this blog, I publish only those stories which people will find interesting in reading and which are relevant to their practical life.



So, dear readers, viewers, friends, students ! Go on reading motivational short stories in my this blog as most as you can manage your time and be motivated or energised. All the best !

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