Momentum! What exactly is ?

Momentum! What exactly is ?

Momentum! What exactly is ?

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Hello class IX-X-XI students of Higher Secondary level ! Puzzled with the word ‘Momentum’ in science (Physics)? Searched and read in many books and places as Momentum = Mass X Velocity, only this much, and not entering your understanding what exactly is ? Don’t worry. I am going to explain exactly what it is for the first time.

Momentum = mass • velocity

The word ‘Momentum’. was practically first coined by the great scientist Sir Issac Newton. Straightway speaking, momentum is a kind of ‘energy’ generated around a body when it is moving or in motion. Is it clear now ? By simply stating that momentum is the product of mass & velocity, nobody is able to understand. As we all know, energy is always constant, it can neither be created nor destroyed, can only be transformed from one form to another. So, is the momentum and also the law of conservation of momentum. This energy momentum is measured by mass x velocity. When a body moves, something of the nature of a kind of energy is created around the body by the motion of the body and that is called momentum.

Momentum may be viewed or looked upon in many different ways.

A mass or body is at rest, then it has no momentum. When that mass or body is in motion, then it gains momentum, that is it gains some energy which can do some work. This energy is measured by multiplying mass & velocity.

So, momentum depends both on mass and velocity. A small cricket ball (with low mass) but with high speed or velocity can do a lot of work or injury because it had high momentum due to high velocity. Similarly, a big stone with slight motion can do a lot of work or destruction because it had high momentum due to high value of mass. So, imagine if the big stone also has high speed or velocity, then how much work it can do due to high momentum (both mass and velocity are of high value).

So, momentum can be viewed as an energy (to do some work) gained by a moving mass or body. It is measured by the product mass and velocity.

Momentum = Quantity of motion (a measurement of motive energy)

Momentum = Mass x Velocity

In Hindi, the national language of India, the word Momentum can be translated as Momentum = गति शक्ति, गति-मात्रा, संवेग.

Momentum is also a commonly used term in sports field. The idea is same as in Physics. A player or sportsman has momentum means he has a kind of playing energy, a motive energy. This energy is due to his healthy physical body and movement or motion. A sportsman has high momentum means he has high playing energy and motion, that can help him to proceed and win the game. Similarly, a team has huge momentum means that the team has high move or playing energy.

These bodies or sportsmen or team with high momentum are also hard to stop or come to rest.

I hope, every reader has understood now.

So, always have momentum in your life also, so that you can proceed further in life, rise high in life.

So, go on reading my other posts with momentum !

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