Peace & Happiness : Reality disclosed

Peace & Happiness : Reality disclosed

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Peace & Happiness : Reality disclosed

Hello ! Dear readers, viewers, students & internet-fan all over the world ! Warm welcome to this post. Here, I am sharing my thoughts regarding ‘Peace and Happiness’, a vital aspect of human life. Hope, you all will enjoy it worth reading.

Peace ! Mental peace ! Happiness ! A vital aspect of humanity !

But what is this peace or mental peace or happiness ? What is its exact nature ? How is it defined ?

A proverb goes: ‘Many man, many minds’. Same is true for this idea of peace & happiness also.

Many will suggest many ideas, definitions, paths, routes, etc. You will be puzzled as what is correct, which one is to follow, etc ?

In India, a sect of monks are engaged in arduous spiritual practices in the Himalayas in search of peace.

Mental peace and happiness, it is a basic need of human being. As food, water, air are the basic needs of human being and even animals also, so peace & happiness is also the same. As without food, water, air, human as well as animal can’t live, or can’t live a ‘true living’, so without peace & happiness also human can’t live a ‘true life’.

As can easily be perceived, animals are peaceful & happy with just two things: food & shelter.

But, it is not the case with human being. The nature of peace & happiness for human being is very complex.

Animals don’t run after God. They have no spirituality, no recreation, no sense of some Almighty. But, men run after God, religion, etc, mainly with the aim of peace & happiness. Very complex subject for men !

I belong to India. I am born and brought up in Indian culture. From my childhood, from my schooling, I have learnt from Indian teachers and scholars a peculiar (not true basically) idea that, foreigners, Westerners, Europeans, English, Americans, etc have made much scientific and material advancement, but they have no mental peace. They visit India, they look towards India in search of peace. Only the Indian people have mental peace.

I am elaborately analysing the justification of the above notion of some Indians in my this post.

Go through these collection of quotes about Peace & Happiness, what the great people say.

The Almighty God had created this entire world including India, Western countries, America, etc. God had never said anywhere that He had dumped or kept reserve all peace & happiness only in India.

As of now, India is the country where some diseases like Diabetes, BP, etc are the highest in percentage in the world. India is a developing country, not a developed country, and in my opinion it will remain ‘developing’ forever, present continuous tense forever, never past tense. In India, people are very ‘political minded’, never simple or straight-cut. Indian cities are seen full of beggars, poors, dirtiness, etc. Recently, Indian Govt is cleaning the country through a programme named ‘Swach Bharat Abhiyaan’, meaning ‘Clean India Mission’. Truly speaking, Indian people  themselves have no mental peace & happiness. How can they give peace & happiness to the rest of the world.

However, I am not abusing my own country. I am only stating the real facts. If my own father have a dreaded disease (say Cancer), should I not tell it to Doctor or to others ? Where is wrong in it ?

In India, there is a notion among common mass that women, marriage, sex & enjoyment, family-life, material world, money & richness, etc all these are real cause of unhappiness. These can’t give peace & happiness. In lieu of these, a notion of adopting spiritual path, involvement in religious activities, remaining bachelor, remaining away from women/marriage/family-life, remaining away from money & richness, etc is very much strong ( only by theory, only in mind, not in practical) among common people in Indian society.

Although common Indian mind holds these ideas regarding peace & happiness (i.e. adopting spiritual path, involvement in religious activities, remaining bachelor, remaining away from women/marriage/family-life, remaining away from money & richness, etc) only theoretically, but practically they are adopting the reverse. Maximum Indian people’s mentality is in a state of dilemma. On one hand they deserve the mentality of remaining away from women, marriage, sex & enjoyment, family-life, material world, money & richness, etc, on the other hand, they hate the true Indian culture, true Sadhu’s, Yogi’s (like Baba Ramdev, the Yoga expert), monks, etc, and follow Western culture.

It is also true that India is a country of spirituality & monks. In India, there is a class of spiritual men and monks, who follow these principles like adopting spiritual path, involvement in religious activities, remaining bachelor, remaining away from women/marriage/family-life, remaining away from money & richness, etc, with the aim of getting peace & happiness. Even some go to the Himalayas and follow arduous life in search of peace & happiness.

But, is it guaranteed that these group of spiritual men & monks are really peaceful & happy ? Just think deeply. The subject of peace & happiness is not so easy thing, as is clear from the sayings of these eminent people.

Women, marriage, sex & enjoyment, family-life, material world, money & richness, etc, all these are also creation of God and natural aspects. Denying all these and remaining away from all these will give peace & happiness – is an absurd idea.

Let me talk just about one thing – woman. If remaining away from women, marriage, sex & enjoyment, family-life, etc, ensures peace & happiness, then what is the use of woman ?  Why then God has created woman ? How will then reproduction & generation continue ? Is it not an unnatural and unrealistic principle ? Is this theory not insulting woman nation & God ?

There are many instances in India, where some of these spiritual men & monks have fallen into trap by illegal sex or womanly affairs, being tried forcibly to remain away from these things but finally adopting unusual means being unable to control the suppressed desires.

In very earlier India, about 5000-6000 years ago, during the period of Ramayan & Mahabharat, monks, spiritual men & common mass were not of this attitude, They used to adopt women, marriage, sex & enjoyment, family-life, material world, money & richness, etc, and then spiritual path also to gain peace & salvation. All Rishis, Munis, Yogis,  ascetics, of ancient India enjoyed happy married life as well as spiritual bliss & mental peace also successfully.  It is only in modern India, that a group of monks, ascetics & common people are spreading this misconception that women, marriage, sex & enjoyment, family-life, material world, money & richness, etc, are very bad and obstacle towards spirituality, peace and happiness.

There is a marvellous science developed by ancient Indian Rishis, Munis, Yogis, ascetics, etc, called ‘Yoga’. It is true that Yoga is very much beneficial for physical, mental & spiritual wellness & upliftment. Yoga definitely helps to get mental peace & spiritual bliss. From 2014, UNO also declared to observe worldwide ‘21 June’ as the international Yoga day. Westerners, foreigners, English, Americans, Europeans also adopted Yoga as a very good science.

But, ‘Indian Yoga’ should not be equalled to India, Indians. Yoga is undoubtedly good. It doesn’t imply that India & Indians & every other Indian aspects also will be real & good.

There is an international (based on Indian culture, its founder was an Indian) organisation named ISKCON, which has attracted a good number of Westerners, foreigners, English, Americans, Europeans with the promise that it will give them mental peace. The culture or practice is to chant or shout, alongwith some musical instruments,  a Mantra or quote or slogan: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. ISKCON people even sing the above slogan and dance. I don’t understand how this practice can give eternal mental peace. It looks like a temporary recreation. Temporary recreation (like playing music, singing song, games & sports, etc) can’t give eternal mental peace & happiness.

In the holy scripture of the Indian Hindus given by Lord Krishna i.e. Gita, nowhere it is mentioned to chant the Mantra: Hare Krishna Hare ……………Hare. Lord Krishna nowhere said in the Gita that chanting this slogan will give peace & happiness. Instead Gita is full of many realistic deep (even some are difficult to understand with our modern brain & mind) teachings.

I myself have seen many ISKCON-ians, visited many ISKCON temples. To me they looked gloomy, cut-off from modern society, engaged in a special way of living, heads shaved off, always wearing saffron cloths, etc. I had chanted their slogan (Hare Krishna Hare ……………Hare) many a times. But, I have never found mental peace.

Truly speaking, ISKCON has spread a huge business all over the world in the name of Indian Hindu culture & mental peace. ISKCON asks for money everywhere, this organisation is basically after making money in the name of a religious ideology. There is no peace & happiness in reality.

Dalai Lama is an world-renowned Buddhist monk. He is also recipient of Nobel peace prize. Based on the doctrines of his religion and also his practical learning, he publicly campaigns many teachings towards mental peace & happiness. As I have seen, his teachings are based on reality. But, he never told to adopt Buddhism. He never propagated the idea that  in Buddhism only lies the peace & happiness.

Nowadays, another religious figure has come up into public light to attract people for peace & happiness. He is Dr Jakir Naik, a Muslim preacher. He is propagating the idea that peace lies only in Islam and surrendering to Allah. This can’t be accepted as true based on reality. The case is very much similar to the ideology of ISKCON.

Indian Yoga and other Indian Hindu sciences have many beneficial things. But, those were prevalent in a time 5000-6000 years ago. At that time, situation, culture, mentality, everything were different from now. So, we have to adjust these knowledge as per modern timings and situations, to receive only the real positive useful benefits from them.

In ancient India, there was a Lord named Krishna. Indian Hindus worship him as an incarnation of God. He enjoyed the life and all the material happiness to the fullest extent. Lord Krishna never hated women, marriage, sex & enjoyment, family-life, material world, money & richness, etc.

Traditional religious practices like going to temple, church, mosque, etc, singing hymns, dancing & enjoying, listening to sermons of pastor, performing some traditional rituals, worshipping, Puja, Namaz, etc, will never ensure peace & happiness, in true sense.

Lord Krishna depicted in the Gita, that ‘attachment’ to women, marriage, sex & enjoyment, family-life, material world, money & richness, etc, is the root cause of all unhappiness. It can be very easily understood and I also fully agree. Life should be enjoyed fully without suppressing any natural aspects, but there should not be any ‘attachment’ towards those things.

Lord Krishna also stated in the Gita, that peace & happiness comes as a result of true knowledge. It is absolutely true.

Anything in this world has two aspects, one negative and the other positive. E.g., atomic energy can destroy the entire human civilisation & the world if used in that direction. But, on the other hand atomic energy is tremendously beneficial if used in a constructive way. Similarly, a knife can kill a man within seconds if used with that intention. On the other hand, a doctor saves a patient and gives him life through surgery by using the same knife. So, it depends on our attitude, our mentality, in which direction or way or with what intention we use and apply things in our life. Then peace & happiness will arrive as by-product. This is the secret of peace & happiness.

Lord Buddha had taught that: ‘Desire is the root cause of all unhappiness’. In my opinion, it is true absolutely. But, practically speaking, a man can’t be free of desires totally. But, for peace & happiness, the number of desires should be as minimum as possible and a man should not run after a long list of desires. The list of desires should be optimum, practical & reasonable. Then only peace & happiness will remain alongwith.

My opinion is (I myself also following this) that after going through this post and all the quotes by eminent persons, draw an average summary or conclusion as per your mentality to get abstract peace & happiness. You have to applying the rule of average or mean. Don’t fall prey to any artificial & unnatural show-offs.

I have expressed my thoughts & opinions only in this post with an expectation to help the readers. I have not hurt anybody. Even then some of you may  not agree with my thoughts & opinions. The final decision is yours.

Thank you all a lot for reading my this post patiently.


RJ Bhattacharjee

Civil Engineer

Kolkata (India)


So, Dear readers, viewers and internet fan all over the world! How have you enjoyed my thoughts/ideas about ‘Peace & happiness’ in my this post ?  May, you all be peaceful and happy really, with reasonable & realistic base. Don’t run after created artificial beliefs & ideas.

Do comment to me. Share among your friends through Facebook & other social media.

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