Potato Omelette : A delicious dish

Potato Omelette : A delicious dish

Potato Omelette : A delicious dish

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My Dear readers, viewers, friends !

You all, specially Indians or of Indian subcontinent or of Indian origin, might know about ‘Potato Paratha’ or ‘Aalu Paratha’.  You might have eaten this many times in your life. But, have you ever heard about ‘Potato Omelette’ or ‘Aalu Omelette’ ?

Perhaps not. And for the first time, I am going to tell you about this special dish.

After all, ‘Potato Paratha’ or ‘Aalu Paratha’ is a very popular and tasty Indian food, prevalent in almost all Indian household, especially in Hindi speaking sector of central, northern and western India, almost a daily dish.

In the paste of boiled soft potato, that is stuffed inside the ‘Potato Paratha’ or ‘Aalu Paratha’, fried whole aniseed is mixed. This ‘Potato Paratha’ or ‘Aalu Paratha’ is eaten alongwith tomato sauce very tastefully.

I like this ‘Potato Omelette’ or ‘Aalu Omelette’ very much and it is also very easy to prepare or cook.

Generally, people prepare omelette in this way : After breaking the eggs and taking the inside liquid matter (albumen and yolk) in a container, salt, turmeric powder, chippings of green chilli and onion are mixed and stirred for homogeneity and this mixture is then fried on an Indian Tava or frying pan.

Some mix Besan (flour of gram pulses) also with it to make the omelette swell & increase in quantity.

But, ‘Potato Omelette’ or ‘Aalu Omelette’ is the unique in comparision with all these.

As far as I know, I have never seen anywhere written about this ‘Potato Omelette’.

The idea of this ‘Potato Omelette’ came up suddenly in my mind and I prepared it, tasted it and served to many for tasting. Everybody praised it.

This ‘Potato Omelette’ is very easy to cook.

To prepare this ‘Potato Omelette’, one medium size potato is required in proportion to three eggs.

With this ratio, you measure up the quantity of potato and eggs.

At first, boil the potato to make it soft, as is done for ‘Potato Paratha’.

After this, peel off  its skin, smash and knead the potato in a container as we knead ‘Atta’ or flour for making Indian ‘Roti or Chapati’, into a homogenius paste.

Now, in some container, take the liquid matters ( albumen and yolk) of the inside of the eggs, as we do for making omelette.

In this liquid matter of eggs, mix salt, turmeric powder, chippings of green chilli, etc, as per quantity and taste.

Mix that kneaded potato paste with it and mix everything into a homogenius mass by using your hand.

Now, light the oven, place the Tava or frying pan over it and make hot, put some frying oil and spread the oil over entire pan.

After the oil becomes hot, put that prepared mass of eggs on it, go on frying with slow heat from below. Go on changing the sides up and down, so the both the sides of the omelette are fried well.

After the omelette is fried completely, your ‘Potato Omlette’ is ready.

As per your choice, you can eat it simply directly, or with tomato sauce like ‘Potato Paratha’.

After eating, don’t forget to comment me, how you have tasted.

A version of this recipe in Hindi ( the national language of India) is also available here, for convenience of readers of Indian subcontinent.

Please, comment to me. Share among your friends & knowns.

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