Reading, a good habit. Habit of Reading books.

Reading, a good habit. Habit of Reading books.

Reading, a good habit. Habit of Reading books.

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The habit of reading

Hello ! Dear readers, viewers & students all over the world ! Warm welcome to this post. Here, I am sharing my thoughts regarding ‘The habit of reading’. Hope, you all will enjoy it reading.

You all who are reading this post are definitely educated & learned person. What basic activity has made you so ? Isn’t it reading ?

By reading, we generally mean swallowing some burdensome books at the school and college level and scoring good marks and getting a degree (education certificate). But, it is not the real meaning of reading. It is only a mis-concepted and mis-guided activity of modern lifestyle.

It is true that the reading at school level is boring. It is because of lengthy syllabus of study prepared by the education authority or the Government. Students are really over-burdened by the books and materials inside them. Students are really afraid of those volumes of pages and printed words inside the books. Continuous reading of these causes strain on eyes, headache, tension, etc and as a result no one finds interest in reading. They read as a compulsory duty with no interest.

However, there is no immediate solution or answer for this problem.

What I am going to tell about in this article is about goodness or positive side or benefits of reading. I am presenting the habit of reading in this post in such a way so that you all be fearless about reading and find interest in it.

Go through these collection of quotes about the habit of reading, what the great people say.

You will see that the great personalities all over the world are good readers. They never neglected the habit of reading and instead enjoyed it. It is only the habit of reading important books that has made them so great.

Due to the culture taught in schools in childhood, people in higher age also remain afraid of reading books, they don’t show any interest in reading books.

Reading important and prominent books gives nourishment/vitamines to your mind, confidence, intelligence, knowledge, etc. So, it is an essential part of living. Will you deny food as a part of healthy living ? Certainly not. Similarly, how can you deny reading nutritious books written by great authors ? Clearly speaking, the fear is a byproduct of schooling culture or modern education system.

All religions are based on books and reading. Be it Bible, Koran, Geeta, etc, whatever is, people read some texts from these holy scriptures and alongwith these perform some other activities. So, can you see that reading is also an integral part of religious activities!

So, reading is a part of religion, a part of mental food, and hence a part of life. Reading can’t be denied. Those who do not read books in life are half dead. The habit of reading will continuously keep you alive.

People read the compulsory (may be some interesting and some not) books during modern school/college education system, get a degree certificate, after that engage in some job/service or business activities to earn livelihood, and then leave reading books at all for the balance portion of their life.

During modern education (which is must in modern living style), people read as a compulsory activity. After the education is complete, about 80% totally leave the habit of reading. At the most, they read some newspapers.

You will see that in society, there are certain people, though few in number, can’t stay without reading books of interest. They read until death. They are away from common people, who are running after money, fame, status, family burden, and worldly pleasure.

By mere look at the face and body language, you will be able to identify those people who regularly read something. People habituated in reading  look definitely in a tidy appearance.

Modern age is charged with electronic media, computer and internet. Now, reading materials are also available in computer and over internet. So, it is seen nowadays that most of the young educated people pass time over computer & internet reading different things. It is a good habit. Number of readers has increased nowadays due to these modern electronic books (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc). These electronic books have no boredom of those printed books. Also, these electronic books are decorated with multimedia. So, people are findig interest in reading. This is a good sign.

Modern smartphone also can be called a miniature electronic book. Young generation (even some old also) remain continuously busy on smartphones. This is a good sign. These electronic books brought people in the path of reading and gaining knowledge.

But, however, those printed silent books can never be equated with modern electronic books (computer, smartphone, etc). They had value, dignity, a separate dignity and energy of silent reading.

Meritorious, intelligent, successful people have risen in life only through the habit of reading good books silently and gaining knowledge. They remained away from TV’s. TV is entirely opposite to books. Watching TV is contrary to reading good books. TV is called ‘idiot box’. TV helps you only when you see the important news & events, or when you enjoy watching sports. Otherwise, TV is of no help in developing your knowledge power and personality.

Read the life histories of successful people, read the biographies of great people, you will get many essential informatins or mental food, enthusiasm, energy, etc. You will be inspired by their lives.

Modern busy lifestyle is full of complexities, modern lifestyle is a rat-race for money, status, family burden, etc. People all around are suffering from tension, disease, BP, anxiety, etc. In this situation, the only thing you have to do is reading. Read the motivational stories of successful people, their motivational quotes, etc, you will get hope and energy.

As is seen in modern society, though almost 95% people are educated, yet only about 30-40% people go on reading valuable books till they die. It is due to a kind of fear towards reading and also due to boredom. If you remember the positive benefits of reading books, then you will never feel boredom in reading, instead you will find enthusiasm in reading. It is true that continuous reading for a lengthy time causes strain on eyes. So, don’t read in this way. Take intermittent rest and engage in other activities.

So, guys, from now onwards, adopt and develop the habit of reading notable standard books and be a strong knowledgeable person. Read and remain alive ! All the best !


So, Dear readers, viewers and internet fan all over the world! How have you enjoyed reading in my this post regarding reading ?  Do comment to me. Share among your friends through Facebook & other social media.


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