Shivaratri. Lord Shiva : The ‘Yogiraj’, Yoga king ! King of Yogis !

Shivaratri. Lord Shiva : The ‘Yogiraj’, Yoga king ! King of Yogis !

Shivaratri. Lord Shiva : The ‘Yogiraj’, Yoga king ! King of Yogis !

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Dear readers, viewers, friends, students ! Today is 24 February 2017. A day of religious festival called ‘Shivaratri’ or ‘Mahashivaratri’, important to Hindu sect of India, Nepal, Mauritius, countries in Indian subcontinent and all over the world, of the year 2017. The festival is being celebrated with enthusiasm by the Hindus all over the world !

I, on behalf of,  pray to Lord Shiva, for bestowing blessings of happiness & peace to all the Hindus all over the world and also to all the people of the world.

My this article is not only for the Hindus. I am presenting this post or article with a new viewpoint, a new thought, a new angle, to the entire human society all over the world.

Shiva is a Lord or God worshipped by the Hindus. Have you seen the picture or image of this Lord ? Search in Google image, you will find a lot. In maximum pictures, you will find Shiva sitting in a Yogic posture of meditation, eyes closed. But, in some images, you will find Him in angry mood destroying the world, in some He will be seen in a dancing form called ‘Nataraj’. His famous dance is named as ‘Tandav Nritya’ by the Hindus. He is also mostly seen in the image of human penis called ‘Linga’ or ‘Shivalinga’ by the Hindus. It is believed that His entire form and all his powers are concentrated in the ‘Linga’ or His penis. So, whatever it is, these are the different religious belief systems worshipped by the Hindus.

But, my this article is about the importance of Lord Shiva to the non-Hindus of the world. Forget about His other images or pictures or forms. Just concentrate on His first and very most important form or picture in which He is sitting in a Yogic posture (called ‘Padmasana’ in Yoga language) in meditation with eyes closed.

Yoga has now been accepted by the whole world. Very recently, in 2014, UNO also has declared that ‘21 June’ will be observed every year as the ‘World Yoga Day’. Yoga is a knowledge or science basically belonging to Hinduism and India. It is a course of some postures, exercises and practices, that keeps fit a man or woman, both  physically & mentally. Diseases disappear or appear very seldom. Many non-Hindu people all over the world are now practising Yoga and it is becoming popular gradually. It has no relation with religion. You may be Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, or other believer. But, even then you can accept Yoga and practice it for your health, well-being and benefit. It is upto you, upto your understanding, your choice. Yoga will not destroy your religion, your belief system. Yoga won’t convert you to a Hindu.

It is a different matter whether Lord Shiva really exists or not, whether worshipping Him conveys any boon or blessings upon the devotee or not, whether worshiping Him is really beneficial or not ? This is a separate debate and I am not gonig to do this here. Worshiping Lord Shiva as Deity is upto the religious belief of the Hindus and a personal/private matter, not a matter of debate or discourse here.

Non-Hindu people need not worship Lord Shiva. Why should they worship Him ? It is against their religion and belief. They have their own Gods, beliefs and rituals.

But, here I am talking about Lord Shiva with a view on the base of Yoga, beneficial and positive to all.

The Hindus, if they want to see or read articles or posts on Lord Shiva or Shivaratri, then Internet and Google is in their front. Search there and you will find lakhs of articles/posts on lakhs of blogs. But, my article here is not of that type. I am talking here with a different perspective or angle of view oriented towards Yoga.

Shiva is also called ‘Yogiraj’, means’ The king of Yogis’. An Yogi is one who practices Yoga. An Yogi is one who is absorbed in Yoga. There is no other such standard picture or image all over the world of a person sitting in this Yogic position. It is only this Lord Shiva. He is an iconic image or figure of Yoga, the marvellous science of ancient India. When we think of Yoga, the iconic image of Lord Shiva, sitting in Yogic posture with eyes closed comes in our mind. It is also said that, He introduced this Yoga system to mankind in very primitive times. May be, who knows, who can discover the truth ? But, the thing is Yoga is really beneficial for the health of man, both for body and mind, it has been observed in reality.

Though, Lord Buddha also seen sitting in a posture with the eyes closed, calm and quiet. But, Lord Buddha is not related to Yoga. His teachings are of different types based mainly on not to desire worldly things and not to kill any creature. However, when we think of Yoga, we think of Lord Shiva, not of Lord Buddha. Though, Lord Buddha’s sitting picture also can be considered as a good image of a person sitting calm & quiet, peaceful.

Just stare at the face of Lord Shiva for a few minutes, you will notice a kind of glow and peace on His face. He is sitting in this position calm and quiet, free from all worldly pains and sufferings. This is the main motto of Yoga. Yoga is the best pain-killer for human sufferings. So, if anyone adopts and practices Yoga with a positive attitude and belief, it is sure that he also will gradually proceed towards this calm and quiet state of sitting Lord Shiva.

Considering from this angle, Lord Shiva may be respected by all (not those traditional worship and rituals, as the Hindus perform as per their religion and belief), regardless of their religion.

You only have to take His Yogic image positively as a source of inspiration. If you stare at His sitting image ( a big size image) for some time, you will notice that you are feeling a kind of positive energy, calmness, peace in your mind. Image or picture has definitely effect on our mind, if we look at them with a positive attitude and deepness. Otherwise, why people feel uneasy by seeing porn or sexy pictures ? So, take this Yoga-sitting image of Lord Shiva as an iconic standard image of Yoga science and develop a kind of respect in your mind. You will definitely be gainer, not a loser.

Let Lord Shiva’s standard iconic image sitting in a Yogic posture with eyes closed, bestow positive healthy effect on everyone who believes and practices Yoga, the wonderful science of India, on this special day of worship of Lord Shiva !


So,  dear readers, viewers, friends, students ! How have you enjoyed reading the above article ? Please, comment. If you have liked it, then please share it with your friends & relatives through Facebook and other social media!


Thank you a lot for reading !

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