Story of a crane : A motivational story

Story of a crane : A motivational story

Story of a crane : A motivational story

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Crane is a kind of bird. In Hindi (the national language of India), it is called ‘Saaras ( सारस )’. It is a tall, long-legged, long-necked bird, typically with white or gray plumage and often with tail plumes and patches of bare red skin on the head. Cranes are noted for their elaborate courtship dances.

Crane is also a very well-known Engineering machine, used very often to lift up heavy objects.

There is a very interesting story about this bird, which I read at childhood in my school books.

I am referring this story here, as an inspirational or motivational nutrition, for the benefit of my fellow readers.

The story

Once upon a time, a crane was feeling very thirsty. She was searching here and there for water to quench her thirst. As she had a long beak, so a special type of deep vessel or container or this type of deep reservoir of water was necessary for her, so that she can insert her long neck or beak inside that and drink water conveniently.

After long search of here and there, she ultimately found a pitcher with long narrow neck lying in some lonely place. She took a sigh of relief, “Oh, now I can quench my thirst!”. She sat on the pitcher. But, when she looked inside the pitcher, she found that there is a little water lying at the bottom, where her beak can’t reach. She became nervous and broke down for some time. After so much of hard search, she got a light of hope, but that also troublesome. She was thinking as what to do. Should she flew away and search again for anther relief. No, she thought, “I am tired too much to fly again. I will not give up. I will go on thinking and calling God for some help and solution. Let me see what happens or what comes in my mind. If I fly again now, I may die. Because, I am exhausted now. So, let me take risk and sit here”.

She was thinking and thinking again. Suddenly, an idea came into her mind. Some stone pebbles were lying nearby that pitcher. She jumped into prompt action as per her thought or solution of the problem. She started putting those pebbles inside the pitcher one by one. After putting sufficient number of pebbles inside the pitcher, the water level at the bottom rose up. As the pebbles occupied the space at the bottom of the pitcher, so automatically the water rose up. Now, the crane was able to reach the water and quench her thirst.

Now friends, this is a very simple story regarding an animal I had read in my school book at childhood. But, this story has many things inside for our learning. I am enlisting these learning below one by one.

Learning from the story

  • You have to put effort and do hard labour for life matters. As the crane was searching here and there for water.
  • If you put effort, definitely God will help you. The eminent scientist Benjamin Franklin has said : God helps those who help themselves. And even if, God may not help always, but it is your duty to put effort for life. God helped the crane by showing her the pitcher, as the result of her effort of long search.
  • Obstacles may come in your path. As in the case of the crane, even after finding the pitcher, she faced an obstacle or problem that the water was lying at the bottom. It is universal law that obstacles come in everyone’s life. You have to be prepared for that.
  • You should not break down at obstacles or problems coming in the path of your life. Temporarily, for initial some time, you may become nervous by the thrust of the problem. But, ultimately you should not loose heart. As the crane also broke down initially, but ultimately she didn’t give up. You also should not give up so easily.
  • Remain honest, go on thinking about the problem, go on calling God. At a time, definitely some solution will flash in your mind. And even if, no solution comes up in your mind, what else can you do, except thinking sincerely ? Your duty is to think about the solution of the problem sincerely and get out of it. As the crane got some solution after prolonged thinking.
  • Problems or obstacles are like speed-breakers on the road. If you meet speed-breakers or red-lights on the road while driving a car, should you give up and stop driving and leave the car ?. No, definitely not. Exactly similar are the obstacles or problems in the journey or path or road of our life.



Dear readers, viewers, students, friends ! How have you enjoyed reading the story and learning  from it ? Do comment to me. Share among your friends through social media.


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