Story of Hare and Tortoise : A modification

Story of Hare and Tortoise : A modification

Story of Hare and Tortoise : A modification

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Story of Hare and Tortoise : A modification

Dear readers, viewers, friends, students ! You all might have heard about that famous story of race between hare (rabbit) and tortoise, behind the famous saying ‘slow and steady wins the race’.

A few days ago, I watched on Youtube, a motivational video by Mr Gaur Gopal Das of ISKCON. In this video, a new modification of that famous story of hare and tortoise, that we read in our childhood, was seen. It appeared very interesting to me. Here, I am presenting to you that new modified version of the story, sharing with you all.

Hare and tortoise ( the original story) :

Once upon a time, a tortoise and a hare (rabbit) lived in a place close by. Hare was a fast moving animal and tortoise a slow moving animal. The hare was very proud of his fast motion and very often teased the tortoise for his slow movement and challenged for a race competition.

Once the tortoise lost control and both had a hot debate over this issue. Both were affirmed to defeat each other and agreed for a race competition.

The race competition started. The hare ran fast and after moving a long distance, he looked back and saw the tortoise nowhere, the tortoise was far behind.

The hare thought : “ The tortoise will take much time to reach here. So, let me rest for some while”. And he started resting beneath a tree. While taking rest, beyond his expectation, he fell into a deep sleep.

On the other hand, by moving slowly continuously, the tortoise reached the finishing line and crossed it. After a long time, when the hare awoke, he saw that the tortoise was about to reach the finishing line. The hare ran very fast, but it was too late to reach there, the tortoise reached the finishing line and crossed it by then, and won the race.

Moral of the story ( in original) : Slow and steady wins the race.

The original main story ends here.

Now, the story has been forwarded further in this way :

After being defeated in the race, the hare became depressed, he thought deeply on his defeat and he could understand that he lost this race due to over-confidence, he was supposed to stop after reaching the goal.

Next day, he again challenged the tortoise for a race. The tortoise agreed immediately as he was confident after winning the very first race.

The race goes, this time the hare ran continuously upto the end without stopping, neither took rest nor slept, and defeated the tortoise very easily.

Moral of the story (upto this): Fast and consistent will always beat the slow and steady.

It means that to become slow and steady is alright, but can’t win always, will be defeated very easily by the fast and consistent.

If we observe practically, and specially in this modern age of rat-race, that the slow and steady will remain always behind, and the fast moving will proceed ahead always.

Now, the story has been forwarded furthermore in this way :

This time, the tortoise thinks and analyses about his defeat. He could understand that he could never win this race by straight forward way like this.

He (the tortoise) then challenged the hare for a new race once more, but this time he selected the route of the race as per his choice. The hare agreed.

The race started. The hare ran very fast towards the decided goal place, but he faced a gorgeous flowing river enroute, the hare had to stop there. The tortoise reached there by moving slowly, crossed the river easily and won the race by reaching the goal.

Moral of the story (upto this) : Know your core competencies and work accordingly to succeed.

Again, the story has been forwarded furthermore in this way :

This time, the hare and tortoise became friend after playing the three races. They started understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each other. Both unanimously decided that if they help each other, then they could win any race and that would be beneficial for both.

So, both agreed to have a race for the last time and that also jointly. This time they took the strategy of racing not as a competitor, but as a team.

Both stood at the starting line, the hare took the tortoise on his back and ran fast. Both reached that flowing river quickly. Now was the turn of the tortoise to cross the river. The tortoise took the hare on his back and crossed the river easily. Again the hare took the tortoise on his back and ran towards the finishing line and both together completed the race in record time. Both became very pleased and satisfied, they never received such satisfaction before after winning any race.

Moral of the story (upto this) : Team Work is always better than individual performance.

May be, you are very expert individually in some fields, but you can’t win every time by your own effort, you have to take help of other people sometimes.

Also, you have to learn to work in a team. You have to understand other’s strength also other than your own. As per the situation, you have to use the strengths of the team.

One more thing to attend here, both the hare and the tortoise didn’t sat down depressed after losing the race, instead they tried to understand the situation and prepared themselves for new challenges. On one hand, the hare laboured more after the defeat, whereas the tortoise changed the strategy to win the race.

Whenever you fail, then either labour hard, or make change in your strategy (i.e. way of working), or do the both. But, never be depressed by admitting the defeat as the final one. Victory can be achieved after greater and greater defeats also.

Sometimes win, sometimes defeat, this is the essence of life.

Mentally admitting defeat and victory are the true defeat and victory.

Everything is upto you.

You can read a version of this story in Hindi (the national language of India) by clicking here .


So, Dear readers, viewers, students, friends ! Isn’t the story worth reading and enjoying ? How have you enjoyed the story, its analysis and learning  from it, that I have presented in a totally different way, for the first time ?

 Thank you a lot for reading the story.

Do comment to me. Share among your friends through social media.

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