The story of a thief and an old woman

The story of a thief and an old woman

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The story of a thief and an old woman

Dear readers, viewers, internet fan all over the world ! Go through the below story and enjoy.

Once upon a time, a thief broke through a house. When the thief opened the door of the house, he saw an old woman sleeping in the courtyard. Suddenly that old woman awoke. The thief saw her with fright. But, the woman told him lying, “Son, you look like from an well-established family. It seems that, you chose this path by some frustration. Ok, let it be. There is a locker inside the 3rd shelf of the almirah. You take away all the valuables from there silently. But, at first, come and sit beside me. I have dreamt a dream just now. Listen and just explain to me the meaning of this dream”.

The thief got very much overwhelmed by the simple heart of the woman. He obeyed her instruction and sat beside her silently.

The woman started telling the dream she dreamt. “Son, I have seen that I have been lost in a lonely desert. By this, a bird came near me and shouted thrice by the name Pankaj, Pankaj, Pankaj. And just then, the dream ended and my eyes opened up. Just explain me the meaning of this dream”.

The thief fell into deep thought.

In the meantime, the young son of the woman awoke in the adjacent room by hearing the own name Pankaj and beat the thief vigorously by coming near his mother and detecting everything.

Then the woman said, “Stop now. He has got sufficient punishment for his wrong deeds”.

Now, this short and simple story gives us many learnings as below.

  1. Don’t get emotional. Emotion is good quality, but should be restricted. Emotion, pity, mercy, etc are good qualities, but can’t be adopted or applied everywhere. We should have thorough control over these traits as where and when to adopt. The thief got emotional by the sweet words of the old woman and fell into pit.
  2. Be professional with your work. Whether it is the job of goodness (like doctor, engineer, clerk, banker, accountant, etc) or badness (like robbery, terrorism, etc), we always have to be professional. Emotion, pity, mercy, decency, humanity, etc are to be adopted only at the personal and private level, not at the profession or work site. Profession should be based on working hard and earning money.
  3. Believe in God and don’t boast. God gives sudden intellect to raise somebody and to fell other. The old woman won while the thief lost, simply because of wisdom.
  4. Sometimes, old man or woman becomes saviour of the family or the house. They should not be neglected due to their old age.
  5. By applying wisdom, not only a simple thief, even great robbers or notorious people also can be captured. It requires strong will power only.


So, Dear readers, viewers, internet fan all over the world ! Isn’t the story worth reading and enjoying ? How have you enjoyed the story and learnings  from it ?


 Thank you a lot for reading the story.


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