www.rjbreaders.com : A motivational blog or web-magazine

www.rjbreaders.com : A motivational blog or web-magazine

www.rjbreaders.com : A motivational blog or web-magazine

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www.rjbreaders.com : A motivational blog or web-magazine


Hello, my Dear Readers, Viewers , Friends, Students, all over the world ! Thank you all a lot for reading my this post by wasting your valuable time !


I am Mrs Mandira Bhattacharjee. I am moderately educated. I have been born & brought up in India and a general Indian by nature. My husband, Mr R. J. Bhattacharjee, is a Civil Engineer.

We both have seen about 50 years of our life. We have experienced many ups and downs. We have enjoyed many things, learned many things. Now, we want to distribute best of our knowledge and experience to the world. That is why this blog or web-magazine.

It is generally said that, the whole human life is an education. By education, we generally mean, obtaining formal certificates and Degrees from Schools, Colleges and Universities. But, this is only a part or corner of education, not the whole. People go on learning and educating themselves during their entire life. Many great eminent persons have said regarding this. It is absolutely true. So, education or learning is an integrated part of life. Educate yourselves more and more through my this blog.


I have made my this blog : www.rjbreaders.com, with hard labour and enthusiasm to give something positive to the society from the vast knowledge and experience I possess. My husband also fully helps me in my this effort. He himself also writes many articles, posts in my this blog. I feel very glad after publishing some motivational, inspirational, positive, nutritive post or article. When I think that I am servicing the society, servicing the people of the whole world, servicing the mankind through my this blog, I know no bounds. Really speaking, blogging appears very interesting to me. When I think that lakhs and crores of people all over India and the World are reading my posts and articles, I feel very glad.

Nowadays, blogging has become a very popular passion and profession. There are a number of blogs in the internet market. Like ordinary market in any field, some blogs are really valuable and have huge number of viewers/readers. Some blogs are not so popular, because people have made them just for fun or just for earning some money by writing anything rubbish.

I and my husband always keep in mind the important thing about blogging : “People should find interest, motivation, inspiration, education, learning, solution, etc, after reading my articles and posts”. I and my husband always work on this principle, not for earning money. Giving some good readable things to the people is my motto.

I am not claiming that my blog is the best. I have opened my shop, as usual like other business,  for the service of the people and am doing my best. My customers i. e. you all the readers, viewers, friends, are the final judge ultimately.

I advise you all, that you read other blogs also, read as most blogs as you can manage your time, and be benefitted.

Here in the posts in my this blog, you will find new new ideas, coming out of only my and my husband’s brain.

Another thing, you may be already familiar with many of the matters, writings, posts in my blog. But, you will notice that I have presented these in a new attractive different way to reduce your boredom, as far as possible. For example, inspirational quotes, you will find lakhs of website and blogs available in the web market when you search in Google. So, I always have tried to keep the inspirational quotes in my posts in something different style, not available in other blogs.


However, market is market. In market, there will be customers of various choices, various interests, various mentality, various needs, etc. Only one one shop/stall/mall/store can’t satisfy all the customers. But, one has to keep his shop open for customers with best quality commodities. This is his duty and I am doing that only.

Bill Gates is considered as the king of computer. He is the richest man in the world. It is said that he is omnipresent (like God) everywhere in the form of computer (PC) and Microsoft. Similarly, I think that I am also omnipresent in every corner of  the world through my this blog. I reach millions of people all over the world through my this blog. I am occupying the hearts of millions of people all over the world through my this blog or web magazine.

Dear Readers, Viewers , Friends, Students ! This post and my all other writings in this blog or web-magazine are only expression of my views, thoughts, opinions, memories, feelings, knowledge, experiences, etc. I have not used any abuse anywhere, haven’t hurt anybody anywhere. My all the posts & writings are always with a positive attitude for the service of the people, society & mankind.

India is the world’s largest democracy and also the whole modern world is now democratic, there is no any effective monarchy or dictatorship anywhere. We are now under the world parliament named UNO. USA, the superpower of modern world, is fully democratic and great patron of it. Modern human civilisation is trending towards ‘Democracy’ as fully as possible. Democracy means ‘governance of general people’. So, everyone has full right to express his views and thoughts.

Some of you may feel good and enjoy my blog, some may not, or some may have difference of opinion, or may have some other good ideas or suggestions. All of you are OK, correct, at your place and all are most welcome.


Dear Readers, Viewers , Friends, Students ! Please, comment or reply positively or negatively as appeals to you. Also, please subscribe my this internet-magazine and share in social media. Thanks a lot again !

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  1. Shreya
    May 08, 14:34 Shreya

    Mrs Mandira, very nice ! Very good idea ! I will read regularly.

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